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Becoming a member of the Five Seasons Ski Team is a fun and rewarding experience. Whether learning to ski for the first time or taking your experience to the next level you have come to the right place. Show skiing offers the most diverse water skiing opportunities in the sport, whether it's trick skiing, shoe ski, freestyle jump, slalom, doubles, trios, air chair, barefoot or top tier stage production we have something for you.
We encourage all of our members to get on the water to enjoy the sport of show skiing as much as we do. New members are encouraged to join us at practice, sign a waiver and try it out before they make a commitment.
Unlimited Opportunities
Skiing isn’t the only opportunity to get involved with the team. Come and be part of a world class ski team with some of the top skiers and boat drivers in the country. Our team is always looking for a variety of supporting members to make our show a success. We’re continuously recruiting tow boat drivers,  riders, rope handlers, sound, stage support, announcers, concessions, music production, dock directors, equipment managers and so much more. If you’re interested in joining our team we’d love to have you on board. Our experienced members are eager to show you the ropes, the wheel and the skis as part of our team
You don’t need to know how to ski, we have all of the equipment and knowledge required for you to become a world class skier or non-member.
Still interested? Come to our show site and ski with the team to experience the fun for yourself. We just ask that you sign a waiver. 
Membership Dues
All Five Season Skiers are required to join USA Water Ski with an Active Membership which provides the skier and team with secondary insurance coverage. The membership is good for one year from the time of membership. Members over the age of 18 must complete the SafeSport training in order for their USA Water Ski membership to be in the Active state.
Skiing members are required to bring in $200 of revenue after their first season of membership. Members can raise these funds by working team organized fundraisers, selling program ads, or targeted 3rd party donations.
Membership type Dues (Pay by Venmo, Credit Card, Cash, or Check)
First family Skiing member                 $230 
Subsequent family members (skiers) $115 
Supporting members                          Free
Boat Drivers                                        Free

Interested in joining our team? Contact us to learn more.

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